Lucy Millton

Lucy Millton

Welcome to Lucy Millton Designs. I hope you find some accessories in here that you like. I create these designs to make you feel special and beautiful, because we all need to treat ourselves a little every now and then…..

I first started making my necklaces after returning from living in London where I had seen so many fabulous creative designs in many of the street markets and boutique stores. After coming home and adapting some designs I had seen, I made my first necklace; a hand sewn red cotton fabric with a small white spot. This was given as a gift to a friend, which now I look back on, was probably not some of my best work! Having adapted the design further, finally bought a sewing machine, I started searching for vibrant fabrics. It wasn’t until I was asked if I could make necklaces to stock in a small boutique store did I really start properly making necklaces. From then on, I have spent many hours behind the sewing machine, sourcing fabrics, and creating beautiful accessories.

I am constantly being told by people who wear my necklaces, that they always get wonderful comments on them, being so beautiful, bright and different! They are a great addition to a simple outfit; often worn with the bow at the front or back, to provide that finishing touch to an outfit.

To expand my collection, I have recently developed further a range of belts, which include a assortment of different fabrics, including vintage fabric and lace sourced from grandmothers and mothers sewing room, to name but a few places! Each belt is individual and they all have something slightly different to their design. All are designed to be worn long with the end either hanging down, or tucked back through into the belt. No two belts are the same. The belt is designed to be reversible, and to suit a range of different body shapes and sizes. They offer an excellent solution to a simple dress or plain tee shirt.

I am based in Queenstown, and attend a number of South Island Fetes and markets, including the Christmas Country Fete in Culverden, Southern Artisan Fete in Winton and Festive Fete in Cromwell.

Thank you for visiting my site, and enjoy!